Using Smart Phones to Stress Words Out of a Maze

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Tribute to ELT Classics

This final post in the category Tribute to ELT is a PRONUNCIATION MAZE activity to give lower-level learners speaking practice and focus on words stress in country names using their smart phones.

Start by writing the following country names on the board:

Get the learners to identify the word stress in each word. Mark this with bubble diagrams as above. Then, drill the word stress until the learners are confident about it.

Note: there is not need to restrict the activity to the four stress patterns only.

After that, show the learners some images about this country from Google image. . For example, here are some images I have selected for this:

Encourage the learners to find images about these countries without being too obvious i.e.tell them not to select things like maps, flags etc.

At this stage, it is also a good idea to show the learners how to capture the image from the screen of their phone and save them to their phone camera or photo editor. Generally speaking, for most smart phones, all they need to do is to press the home button and the power button at the same time.

Then, organise the learners into two large groups and get them to brainstorm more country names for each of the stress patterns above. Conduct some feedback with the class and write their ideas up on the board. Allow learners to use a learner’s dictionaries  to look up the stress for the country names, if they wish.

In the groups, each learner goes to Google image and searches for an image for the different countries on their list and save them on their phones. Before they do that, explain to them the concept of the maze. Show them the following picture for this.

Also, tell the learners that they must ensure that they have enough words with the same stress as well as red herrings to build the maze.  Learners then put their desks together and create a maze  as well as a solution for it, like this:

Once the mazes are done, the groups swap desks and try to work out the way out of the mazes.

Exaplain to the learners what to do. Tell them that their task is to look at the images on the maze, identify the countries, justify their guesses and work out a route out of the maze. Highlight to the learners that they must pay close attention to the word stress in the country names.

Their discussion should occur like this:

The activity continues until all the groups get out of the maze.

Finally, conduct a whole-class feedback about what the learners have learnt about the different countries and double check if they can place the stress on the country names correctly.

I hope your learners enjoy this activity.

Thank you. .

Arizio Sweeting


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