Turn your Classroom into a Chat Show!!!

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Video Lessons

This speaking activity focuses on asking questions and making comments to people based on the content of a movie clip. The clips in question are from the movie Love Actually (2003).

These clips features the characters Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Mark (Andrew Lincoln) in a quasi-love triangle relationship.

Clip 1: from the start of the scene at the Nile art gallery, more precisely when the poster which reads ‘Christmas Uncovered: Yoshio Mahoto’ comes up on the screen up to the point in which Mark dismisses Juliet on the phone by saying ‘I must go’.

Clip 2: from the part where Mark is at home eating his breakfast while watching TV up to the part where he is walking by the Thames feeling down in the dumps.

First, tell the learners that you are going to play two short clips from the movie above and their task is to discuss the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between the people?
  • How do they feel about each other?
  • What is the matter?
  • What would you do if you were them?

Then, play the clips and get the learners to discuss the above questions together. Follow this up with feedback from around the classroom.

After that, give the learners the LISTENING WORKSHEET below.

Tell the learners that their task is look at the SENTENCE STEMS on it and predict their endings.

As an example, write the following sentence stem on the board and elicit from the class possible endings for it e.g.  Peter: ‘I’ve got Juliet on the other line. Mark, be kind / nice / friendly etc.

After that, play the clips for the learners to check their answers. Please note that you may have to play the clips more than once. Then, conduct feedback from around the class.


Tell the learners that they are going to simulate being part of a chat show in which they interview the people from clips. The chat show works in the same way as a HOT SEAT activity.

Before they start, give the learners time (approx. 10 min.) to prepare questions and comments for Peter, Juliet and Mark based on the content of the clips.

Set up the classroom in the following seating arrangement:

Invite three learners to the front of the classroom or draw their names out of a paper bag. These learners will play the role of Peter, Juliet and Mark. Tell the learner that you will be the presenter and anyone else will be the audience.

Give the audience a microphone (possibly made of paper) and tell them that their task is to ask questions or make comments to the people on the hot seats.

Tell the learners on the hot seats that they should try and answer the questions and/or respond to the comments made to them using the information from the clips or their own ideas. Improvisation is always a good thing.

The chat show should take about 5 min. after which the learners on the hot seat swap place with other three people from the audience and the chat show resumes.

As a presenter, you ensure the smooth run of the show and help out with language, especially with pronunciation problems, when these occur. Also, you may like to prepare some prompt cards for the audience.

You will find more activities using Love Actually (2003) in Language Through Film available at http://www.phoenixeduc.com.

Have fun.

Arizio Sweeting


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